The Jerusalem Interest-free Microfinance Fund is a fully cross-communal initiative that seeks to alleviate poverty and to mitigate inter-communal tension in Jerusalem, through provision of training and loans to people from any Jerusalem community lacking access to bank funding who wish to start or to expand small businesses.

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The JIMF mission

The Jerusalem Interest-Free Micro-Finance Fund Limited (JIMF) is a UK charity set up for the relief of financial hardship amongst people in poor communities in Jerusalem by enabling them to establish and to grow their own businesses, through the provision of microfinance and technical assistance.

The JIMF objectives

1 Alleviation of poverty in the City of Jerusalem

2 Building foundations of community cohesion and peace by increasing the economic and life chances of Muslims, Jews and Christians within the City of Jerusalem

3 Financial support without charge of interest to entrepreneurs with sound business propositions but limited funding to start up a business or to sustain or expand an existing business

4 Provision of advice, information and financial support to those seeking business education or training

5 Co-ordination of efforts with other micro-finance organisations providing funds in and around Jerusalem

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